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Autonomous Serverless Management

Sedai autonomously improves your AWS Lambda function performance and availability in production using machine learning, without manual thresholds or human intervention. It's like adding a team of SREs looking for improvements on your behalf, 24/7




Speed up Lambda by 10x or more

Use an autonomous system to reduce latency for customer-facing functions by up to 95% by finding the optimal memory parameter based on actual app behavior. Optimize batch services for cost

Find the best memory size

Reinforcement learning is used to discover the the optimal memory parameter based on actual app behavior; no more pre-release guesswork

Eliminate cold starts

Sedai's Autonomous Concurrency uses seasonality predictions to ensures your serverless functions don't experience cold starts

Balance performance and cost

Set priorities to maximize performance, balance performance and cost or minimize cost for customer facing and batch Lambda functions


Improve serverless availability

Sedai also watches to see if services are experiencing common problems such as out of memory (OOM) and timeout errors. Sedai safely acts in production on your behalf to ensure your resources avoid availability issues and run optimally at all times.


Prevents issues before they impact your customers with early detection at the onset of symptoms.

Escalation based remediation

Sedai attempts multiple remediations based on learning from past application behavior

Safety checks built in

Before executing a change, Sedai checks that the change will not affect overall application performance


Cut Operational Toil

Spend more time on value added tasks and enable your team to scale. Sedai autonomously takes care of tasks that are better done by machines, on behalf of the operations team

End alert overload

Overcome the stress & chaos of alert fatigue and reactive troubleshooting by leveraging an autonomous co-pilot who takes on operations tasks on behalf of the team

Delegate routine activities

Sedai performs thousands of optimization and remediation tasks daily that would normally require human intervention

Focus on higher value tasks

Operators can be less concerned with low level details and instead focus on new deployments, site enhancements and other priorities


Accelerate Release Cycles

Get intelligence on how each release performed and share the insights with your team to improve how they code and raise release quality and velocity

Release scorecards

At-a-glance understanding of code deployments based on detection, analysis and grading of performance so you can release confidently.

Trend analysis

Compares releases’ saturation, duration, and error metrics for an overview of how code has evolved between releases.

Improve configurations

Evaluates how code changes between releases and recommends & acts on configuration changes to optimize performance.


“Sedai watches over our Lambdas and proactively makes configuration adjustments depending on what we need to do — whether it’s to minimize the latency or minimize our cloud costs.”

Kenneth Nguyen

Tasq, Co-Founder

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