Managing your fleet just got simpler. With the power of predictive data analytics and an intelligent feedback loop, Sedai safely maintains your cloud environments through proactive remediations. From ensuring the highest levels of uptime availability to optimizing your code releases and cloud costs, learn how our autonomous platform can become a staple in your SRE tool kit.

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application stack with smart graphs and insights

Production is the new playground.

Welcome to the future of reliable site engineering — where test environments are optional, remediations are autonomous, and setup takes minutes. Sedai’s smart platform leverages AI/ML to understand and proactively address issues in production safely before they impact your customers.



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Team Agility


autonomous as easy as ...


Our agentless approach allows us to intelligently infer your infrastructure and metrics and determine service level objectives for all of your resources. When we say zero configuration, we mean it.


Once we automatically discover your topology, select which resources you want to receive recommendations on for optimal cloud savings, latency improvements, and the highest levels of uptime availability.


When you’re ready, easily switch on autonomous mode for specific resources. As we detect potential issues, we safely deploy preemptive actions before your monitoring provider even sends an alert.

Take back your time

You don’t need more time to troubleshoot, but you do need to ideate, innovate, and grow your business strategy. With our safe autonomous remediations, you can count on us to prevent most issues before they happen — which means you can reduce your SREs’ workload by 60% (they’ll thank you for the extra sleep, too).

view predicted issues and autonomously execute safe steps to remediate and prevent

Optimize on the fly

Defining service level objectives and assessing cloud costs in a modern cloud architecture is not only time consuming, but unrealistic for fast moving teams. With Sedai, efficiently managing your environments is easy and autonomous with adaptive SLOs and smart seasonality scans.

use smart service level objectives to stay on top of your fleet's performance and avoid maxing out your error budget

Shorten release cycles

Bad code releases — we’ve all been there, regardless of time spent in test and staging environments. With our smart scorecards, you can confidently deploy releases in production and quickly compare its performance against previous releases to safely and autonomously rollback as needed. Sedai also automatically sizes your infrastructure so that it runs optimally. Ready, set, release.

view release scorecards and track performance to safely rollback as needed

Manage what matters most

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a loop of monitoring alerts, configuring thresholds, or figuring out what to react to first? Our autonomous system safely remediates issues for you, reducing alert fatigue so that you can focus on critical work.

keep tabs on resources in your fleet so you can focus on high priority items

Ready to unlock the power of autonomous?

Release Intelligence

Prevent issues with safe rollback and our smart comparison scorecard for code releases.

Smart SLOs

View recommended targets and benefit from proactive actions to help you meet your objectives and stay within your error budgets.

Safe Remediations

Bypass runbook automation and leverage the power of autonomous reliable corrective actions in your production environments.

Optimal Right-Sizing

Easily cut cloud costs on autopilot with efficiency adjustments.

Quick Setup

Get started in minutes and receive fleet recommendations within the hour.


Truly manage your fleet through autonomous recommendations you can trust.