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Focus on building great apps not infrastructure and operations

Sedai is an AI-powered copilot that enables your team to autonomously optimize their applications for cost, performance and availability when they're released to production.

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Perfomance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Leverage AI so your team can focus on building

Get ahead of FinOps

Engineering leaders are expected to show they've optimized their team's cloud spend. Sedai applies machine learning to uncover cost optimizations at the workload and infrastructure level that cannot be discovered with current methods. Autonomous execution takes the heavy lifting of ongoing implementation off your team .

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Get visibility to release quality across your whole team

Release scorecards are generated for every release. The overall scores as well as cost, latency and errors insights are then rolled up to a team and company level so you know where you stand on release quality and frequency

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Improve user experience

Avoid user dissatisfaction, sluggish performance and lost revenue as AI-powered optimization reduces server-side compute latency by 30-75%. SREs define latency goals and Sedai's AI optimizes resources to meet those targets.

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