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Focus on threats, not infrastructure

Cybersecurity companies use Sedai to optimize their cloud operations with ease. Reduce cost, improve performance, and maintain high availability with AI/ML, all while meeting stringent compliance requirements.

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Google Cloud

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Performance  Gain


FCI Reduction




"Since going live with Sedai, we've achieved remarkable cost savings: up to 50% in production & 87% in development for ECS and up to 99.3% in Lambda—all within just five months without any incidents. We are also preventing customer problems, reducing toil and allowing our SRE team to work on more valuable projects."

Matthew Duren

Director of Platform Engineering, KnowBe4

Prakash Muppirala,

Executive Vice President of Platform, fabric

"Autonomous systems are transformative for Palo Alto Networks."

Suresh Sangiah

SVP of Engineering, Palo Alto Networks

Prakash Muppirala,

Executive Vice President of Platform, fabric

Sedai steps in to help SREs step up. Sedai elevates SREs so they can focus on higher order work and make the infrastructure even better and give a delightful experience to the external customer.

Sri Shivananda

CTO, EVP, Product & Platform Engineering

Prakash Muppirala,

Executive Vice President of Platform, fabric

"The first time we saw Sedai we realized the traditional approach to site reliability was outdated. We have embraced autonomous management as the path to the future. Sedai allows us to innovate faster and cut toil."

Prakash Muppirala

Executive Vice President of Platform

Prakash Muppirala,

Executive Vice President of Platform, fabric

AI-Driven Cloud Optimization for Cybersecurity

Cut Cloud Costs in Half

Cybersecurity companies process trillions of cloud events every day. Bring cloud compute costs under control with AI-driven engineering & financial optimizations and achieve compute cost savings of 30-50%.

Learn how to reduce costs
Reduce Cloud Cost

Improve Performance for Core Workloads and End Users

Avoid user dissatisfaction and sluggish performance. AI-powered optimization reduces server-side latency by 30-75%, completing scanning & analytics workloads faster and enabling rapid user access to their real-time dashboards.

Learn about performance optimization
Reduce Cloud Cost

Delegate manual ops tasks to AI

Complete manual or script-based optimizations, making your team 6x faster and allowing them to focus on higher-value activities. Sedai autonomously identifies and executes optimizations & remediations, freeing up valuable time and resources while providing timely alerts for abnormal issues where human experts excel.

Learn how to boost ops productivity
Reduce Cloud Cost

Safeguard High Availability

Maintaining high availability of your platform is paramount to provide constant protection & insight to customers. Maintain >99.99% uptime and reduce compute-related Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs) by up to 50%.

  • Use leading indicators to identify threats to availability from memory issues and abnormal behaviors
  • Avoid incidents at the peak with predictive autoscaling
  • Autonomous mode detects & fixes potential problems without manual toil
Learn about autonomous remediation
Reduce Cloud Cost

Optimize Release Quality

Get automatic release scorecards for every new release showing latency, cost, and errors in production traffic, compared to prior releases. Use those insights to improve release quality, make quick rollback decisions when needed, and close the loop with developers.

Learn about release intelligence
Reduce Cloud Cost

Meet compliance and audit needs

Security companies face stringent compliance requirements. Sedai retains a full audit trial of every action performed in production and can send notifications to your systems of record. Sedai seeks minimum permissions and cannot view data packet contents or application code. Sedai is SOC 2 certified.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Plug and play in 5 minutes

Sedai works with major cloud providers and your existing tools.

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