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Our Mission

Sedai’s mission is to create a better life for site reliability engineers.

We will not rest until we see SREs operate the IQ tasks and Sedai operates the mundane AI tasks on their behalf. No more being woken up at night to a production issue and experiencing extreme pressure.  No more countless hours working on mundane tasks. No more finger-pointing.

The SRE community needs a platform that learns from them, acts on their behalf, and creates an environment for them to thrive.  We are committed to a better and more sustainable future for SREs.

How the Sedai Journey Started

Sedai founders Suresh Mathew and Benji Thomas, while working at PayPal Payments Production, one of the largest microservices deployments, discovered that DevOps had allowed for faster deployments and scalability, but it was not without an increase in workloads and complexities. They knew that the strain on teams managing the thousands of microservices had become unbearable and that there needed to be a platform or tool that could augment a team's knowledge and yet act independently.

Observability tools such as Datadog, New Relic, Cloudwatch, Splunk, etc., had solved the visibility aspect of these challenges but also in turn created alert fatigue.  What SREs needed was a platform to identify issues sooner and proactively prevent them and reduce the overall downtime.

They built a platform using AI/ML principles to look at issue symptoms and identify performance and availability issues before customers began to experience them. On top of that, they built an intelligent, context-aware system that used this identification mechanism to perform autonomous actions in production, with no manual human input to resolve the issue(s). In one year, the system ran over 2 million autonomous remediations and became the only system allowed to operate in production during peak Holiday traffic.

They realized that every company needed something similar and started Sedai to help make life better for SREs everywhere.

“We built Sedai to let every SRE and developer experience the same benefits of an autonomous system that has previously only been accessible to the large enterprise technology companies.”

Suresh Mathew

Founder and CEO

Meet the Team

Suresh Mathew

Founder and CEO

Benjamin Thomas

Co-Founder and COO

Aby Jacob

Director of Engineering

Adharsh Sabu

Senior Software Engineer

Alex Sweetser

Director Customer Success

Assem Hafez

Senior UI Engineer

Hari Chandrasekhar

VP of Engineering

Meenakshi S.

Senior Software Engineer

Michelle Doe Morrison

UX Lead

Nikhil Gopinath

VP of Engineering

Rajat Krishna

Senior Software Engineer

Ajith S.

Senior SecOps Engineer

Akash Vijayan

Software Engineer

Dijeesh Padinharethil

Director of Engineering

Harikrishnan Nair

Software Engineer

Mathew Koshy

Software Engineer

Megan McBride

Software Engineer

Pooja Mallik

Principal Engineer

Praveen Prakash

Principal Engineer

Sayanth S

Software Engineer

Vinod Sethumadhavan

Principal Engineer

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Our Investors


Sierra Ventures

Uncorrelated Ventures

Board of Directors

Matt Howard

GP, Norwest Venture Partners

Tim Guleri

Managing Partner, Sierra Ventures

Board Observer

Salil Deshpande

GP, Uncorrelated Ventures

Board Advisor

Sri Shivananda

CTO, PayPal