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Drive customer experience with AI-driven Autonomous Optimization

Apply machine learning to unlock hidden latency gains of 30-75%. Sedai analyzes your actual workload behavior to find the best configuration. Implement the changes yourself or have Sedai operate autonomously to stay continuously optimized.

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Performance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Performance Optimization Features

Report your latency achievements

Sedai tracks total latency gains realized in production at a company, account and service level for ECS, Lambda and Kubernetes

Start reducing your latency

Begin with performance gains out of the box

When connected to your monitoring data, Sedai applies machine learning to your production data to find workload and infrastructure resource configurations that deliver performance gains without additional spend

Find out of the box performance gains now

Then make fine grained tradeoffs between performance and cost

After your initial gains, choose to further optimize for performance alone while setting a cost cap on additional resources to be used

Balance performance and cost for your apps

Manage performance with Smart SLOs

Set performance SLOs (Service Level Objectives) manually or have Sedai automatically set them. Monitor them through Sedai and receive alerts of breaches

Learn about Smart SLOs

Stay on top of new release performance impacts

See exactly how latency is being impacted by each new release including any performance SLO breaches with Release Intelligence Scorecards

Learn about Release Intelligence

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