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Close the gap with engineering and deliver 30-50% cloud cost savings

Accelerate FinOps impact on cloud costs and close the gap with engineering. Sedai’s autonomous cloud platform autonomously identifies and delivers cloud cost savings while ensuring performance and availability requirements are met.

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Perfomance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Accelerate your impact

Optimize workload and infrastructure with AI

Sedai analyzes workload & infrastructure behavior to optimize horizontal & vertical scale for container workloads (memory and CPU and task/pod count) & infrastructure to meet compute needs with the least amount of compute capacity

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Apply container purchasing optimizations

Purchasing optimization is applied only after engineering optimization to ensure you're buying the right infrastructure. Sedai evaluates container purchasing options including on-demand and savings plans to recommend AI-assisted lowest cost solutions. Sedai supports Fargate.

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