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Meet your reliability copilot

Meet reliability and latency SLOs and find cost savings while cutting toil. Sedai's AI-powered platform finds and executes optimizations safely in production, freeing you up to focus on new engineering projects and critical incidents.


How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Performance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Meet your SLOs at the lowest cost

Reliable high availability

Sleep easier knowing your services are constantly being watched and remediated by your AI copilot. Sedai proactively handles potential microservice issues like CPU or memory shortages. Meet >99.9% uptime levels and reduce compute-related Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs) by up to 50%.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Find cloud cost savings

AI is a game-changer for optimizing cloud costs because it learns how your application behaves in production. Achieve compute cost savings of 30-50% through workload & infrastructure rightsizing, purchasing optimizations and traffic prediction models that outperform traditional auto-scaling rules.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Improve user experience

Avoid user dissatisfaction, sluggish performance and lost revenue as AI-powered optimization reduces server-side compute latency by 30-75%. SREs define latency goals and Sedai's AI optimizes resources to meet those targets.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Cut SRE toil with autonomous operations

Sedai autonomously identifies and executes optimizations & remediations, freeing up valuable time and resources while providing timely alerts for abnormal issues where human experts excel. SREs can be 6x more productive in optimization and remediation tasks.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Optimize Release Quality

Developers constantly ship new functionality. Get automatic release scorecards for every new release showing latency, cost, and errors in production traffic, compared to prior releases. Use those insights to improve release quality, make quick rollback decisions when needed, and close the loop with developers.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Manage performance and availability of SLOs

Sedai helps you set SLO goals based on analysis of past performance down to a microservice level. Sedai also tracks performance against SLOs and records SLO breaches.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

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