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Optimize Your Online Travel Cloud Platform with Sedai

Boost booking rates, cut cloud costs, and streamline operations with Sedai's AI-powered autonomous cloud management platform for the travel industry

Works with:
Online Travel
Google Cloud

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


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FCI Reduction



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Autonomous Cloud Optimization for the Travel Industry

Curb Rising Cloud Costs

As the online travel industry rebounds post-Covid, cloud costs are escalating. Bring cloud compute costs under control with a combination of engineering & financial optimization and achieve cost savings of 30-50%

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Improve Performance and Supercharge Booking Experiences

AI-powered optimization reduces server-side latency by 30-75%, delivering faster search results and a smoother booking process for improved site conversion rates and customer experience.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Safeguard High Availability

Protect revenue and maintain customer trust with Sedai's autonomous remediation capabilities. We help online travel platforms reduce compute-related Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs) by up to 50%

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Boost Cloud Team Operational Efficiency

Sedai automates repetitive tasks, boosting productivity on key tasks by up to 6X to help travel SRE teams effectively manage B2C, B2B, and travel supplier platforms.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Optimize Release Quality

Get a competitive edge with Sedai's quantitative scorecards. Every new release is scored based on latency, cost, and errors in production traffic, providing insightful metrics to improve your release quality and close the loop with developers.

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Plug and play in 5 minutes

Sedai works with major cloud providers and your existing tools.

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