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Beat your SLO targets with AI

Easily set up SLOs based on automatic analysis of past performance, then use Sedai's autonomous capabilities to meet your performance and availability goals

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Perfomance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Key features to set & manage SLOs

Easily set availability SLOs

Set availability SLOs manually or have Sedai automatically set them. Monitor them through Sedai and receive alerts of breaches

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Autonomously remediate availability issues

Sedai uses leading indicators to identify threats to your availability SLOs from memory issues and abnormal behaviors and proactively addresses them

Learn about autonomous remediation
Reduce Cloud Cost

Quickly set up performance SLOs

Set your performance SLOs manually or have Sedai automatically set them based on past performance. Watch actual vs target performance through Sedai and get alerts when thresholds are breached

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Reduce Cloud Cost

Optimize performance to meet your SLOs

Sedai's autonomous optimization applies machine learning to your production data to find workload and infrastructure resource configurations that deliver performance gains without additional spend and help you meet your SLOs

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Reduce Cloud Cost

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