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Amazon Web Services

Sedai is proud to be a Software Partner of AWS, enabling AWS customers to autonomously manage AWS Lambda, ECS and EKS/Kubernetes deployments

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Sedai delivers the Autonomous Cloud for AWS — organizations around the world run cloud native applications with near-100% availability, performance and efficiency.  Inside the Autonomous Cloud, organizations leverage the power of Sedai’s autonomous optimization & release intelligence to enhance customer experience, reduce costs and eliminate SRE toil.  Join Sedai and AWS customers and partners taking their applications to new frontiers in the Autonomous Cloud.

Benefits for AWS Customers

Up to 75%

Reduction in latency

Improve performance by up to 75% through optimization.


FCI Reduction

Prevent failed customer interactions  before they occur


Cloud cost Effiiciency Gain

Optiimize at application & infrastructure levels

Autonomously Optimize Lambda, ECS and EKS Deployments

Autonomously manage AWS Lambda functions

Sedai autonomously optimizes AWS Lambda functions to maximize performance and minimize costs while meeting your SLOs, lifting overall performance while reducing manual effort.  Sedai optimizes memory, timeout, provisioned and reserved concurrency and more.

Autonomously manage Amazon EKS

Sedai autonomously optimizes AWS EKS Kubernetes deployments to maximize performance and availability while minimizing cloud costs and manual effort.  Sedai optimizes horizontal pod autoscaling, vertical pod autoscaling and more.

Autonomously manage AWS ECS

Sedai autonomously optimizes AWS ECS to maximize performance and minimize costs while meeting your SLOs while reducing manual effort.  Sedai optimizes services, container instances and purchasing settings.

Resources for AWS Customers

AWS Customer Case Study

fabric: How fabric’s SRE Team Improved Customer Experience with an Autonomous Cloud Platform

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Autonomously manage release quality for AWS Lambdas and Amazon EKS with Sedai



Set up AWS Lambda

Follow these steps to setup and connect Sedai to your AWS Lambda functions

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Set up AWS EKS

Follow these steps to setup and connect Sedai to your EKS deployment

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Sedai Blogs

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