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  • Up to 25 Kubernetes pods or 5M Lambda invocations
  • Community Slack Support


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  • Unlimited invocations/pods (rate applies)
  • IAC support
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What you get with Sedai

  1. Does it cost extra to have Sedai make autonomous actions in my environment?

    Autonomous actions are included in all plans, including the free plan.

  2. Do you support notification provider integrations?

    Yes, Sedai supports multiple notification providers so that you can receive alerts when the platform autonomously acts as well as for any issues Sedai identifies that need a SRE’s attention.

  3. Do you offer volume or annual discounts?

    Yes, please contact our sales team for custom pricing plans based on the size of your environment

  4. What metrics does Sedai collect?

    Sedai plugs into the API of your existing observability provider and pulls the four golden categories of metrics (Volume, Saturation, Latency, Error).

  5. What are custom metrics?

    If you are currently monitoring any custom metrics that indicate performance or availability in your environment, you can connect them in Sedai and the platform will intelligently use them to autonomously detect issues or areas for improvement in your environment.

  6. Does your system deploy an agent?

    Sedai does not deploy an agent but works with existing monitoring providers.

  7. What Cloud Platforms do you currently support?

    We currently support serverless in AWS Lambda as well as Kubernetes on all public/private clouds.

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