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Get instant feedback on release quality

Understand how every new software release performs in production. Operations and Developers get quantitative scorecards on the production performance (latency, cost, errors) of every release to help them drive progressive improvements in release quality.


How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Performance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Key Features

Get a scorecard for every release

Understand individual release performance with opinionated scores on release quality on a scale from -10 to +10 based on changes in golden signal metrics (cost, performance, errors) relative to previous releases and SLO breaches.

Score your next release
Reduce Cloud Cost

See the trends in release quality

See how releases on a given service perform overtime on the golden metrics and SLOs.

Understand your release quality trends
Reduce Cloud Cost

Are you keeping pace?

Keep release velocity on track with metrics on the average time between releases and the number of releases per day.

See your release velocity
Reduce Cloud Cost

See the big picture of release quality

Get insights at a team and company level with monthly trends in overall scores as well as cost, latency and errors.

Get your team and company analytics
Reduce Cloud Cost

Automatic discovery of releases

Sedai automatically identifies releases and identifies whether the release has changed application code or configurations only.

Start discovering your releases
Reduce Cloud Cost

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