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Release faster, run better

DevOps teams can improve release quality and autonomously optimize new releases right in production with AI

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Perfomance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Drive release agility with Sedai

Get quality scorecards for every release

Understand whether new releases are helping or hurting performance. Sedai provides opinionated scores on release quality on a scale from -10 to +10 based on changes in performance relative to previous releases and SLO breaches

Learn about Release Intelligence
Reduce Cloud Cost

Deliver continuous cost & performance improvements

Sedai applies machine learning to uncover cost & performance optimizations at the workload and infrastructure level that cannot be discovered with current methods. Autonomous execution takes the heavy lifting of ongoing implementation off your teams .

Learn about autonomous optimization
Reduce Cloud Cost

Fix availability issues before they happen

Sleep easier knowing your services are constantly being watched and remediated by your AI copilot. Sedai proactively handles potential microservice issues like CPU or memory shortages. Meet >99.9% uptime levels and reduce compute-related Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs) by up to 50%

Learn about autonomous remediation
Reduce Cloud Cost

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