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Continuous, AI-powered performance gains for modern apps

Achieve 30-75% performance gains through AI-powered autonomous optimization. Sedai optimizes your applications for performance based on production behavior and scores every release on performance vs prior releases.

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Cloud Savings


Perfomance  Gain


FCI Reduction




An AI copilot in your quest for great performance

Quickly set up performance SLOs

Set your performance SLOs automatically on past performance (or choose to refine manually). Watch actual vs target performance through Sedai and get alerts when thresholds are breached

Learn about Smart SLOs
Reduce Cloud Cost

Automatically optimize performance using machine learning

Sedai applies machine learning to your production data to find workload and infrastructure resource configurations that deliver performance gains without additional spend

Start optimizing performance now
Reduce Cloud Cost

Stay on top of new release performance impacts

See exactly how latency is being impacted by each new release including any performance SLO breaches with Release Intelligence Scorecards

Learn about Release Intelligence
Reduce Cloud Cost

Report your latency achievements

Sedai tracks total latency gains realized in production at a company, account and service level for ECS, Lambda and Kubernetes

Start reducing your latency
Reduce Cloud Cost

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