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Reduce AWS ECS Cost and Improve Performance with AI

Put your AWS ECS optimization on autopilot with Sedai's AI-powered autonomous cost and performance optimization for AWS ECS. Our predictive analytics and reinforcement learning adapts to your application performance and traffic patterns to reduce cloud expenditure and improve resource utilization for AWS ECS.

Join the leading companies who have gone autonomous

Since going live with Sedai, we've achieved remarkable cost savings: up to 50% in production & 87% in development for ECS and up to 99.3% in Lambda—all within just five months without any incidents. We are also preventing customer problems, reducing toil and allowing our SRE team to work on more valuable projects.

Matthew Duren

Matthew Duren

Director of Platform Engineering, KnowBe4

The first time we saw Sedai we realized the traditional approach to site reliability was outdated. We have embraced autonomous management as the path to the future. Sedai allows us to innovate faster and cut toil.

Matthew Duren

Prakash Muppirala

Executive Vice President of Platform, Fabric

Sedai watches over our Lambdas and proactively makes configuration adjustments depending on what we need to do — whether it’s to minimize the latency or minimize our cloud costs.

Matthew Duren

Kenneth Nguyen

Co-Founder, Tasq

It’s critical for us to give campers the best possible web experience. We’ve used Sedai to reduce the latency on our AWS Lambda services by 34%, and it’s been effortless for our team to rollout and manage.

Matthew Duren

Kristin Smith

Engineering Manager, Campspot

Lenders rely on Canopy to provide fast, reliable service. We use Sedai to keep our AWS Lambda functions tuned for optimal performance, and we’ve used Sedai to reduce the latency on our AWS Lambda services by 48%. Sedai’s operating in a complex environment with over 11,000 Lambdas managed and 30,000 releases evaluated in the last 90 days.

Matthew Duren

Drew Miller

Senior Engineer, Canopy

How Sedai Benefits Modern Apps

Costs Reduced by


Performance  Gain


FCI Reduction




Key Capabilities

Benefits of going
autonomous with Sedai

Cut AWS ECS Costs by 40%

Fix overprovisioning and optimize resource efficiency, especially for non-critical workloads. Take advantage of the lowest cost purchasing options

Learn how to reduce costs
Reduce Cloud Cost

Increase performance and reduce latency by 35%

Increase performance and reduce latency for AWS ECS applications in real-time by unlocking optimal configurations and resources.

Learn about performance optimization
Improve  performance by 75%

Reduce Failed Customer Interactions by 50%

Proactively find and prevent potential availability issues with AI/ML that proactively looks for warning signals & takes action

Learn about autonomous remediation
Reduce Failed Customer Interactions by 70%

Improve release quality

Release applications into production and Sedai provides quantitative scores on release performance for cost, latency and errors

Learn about Release Intelligence
Improve  release velocity

Increase productivity 6x

Teams can focus on innovation while delegating repetitive remediation and continuous optimizations to be executed autonomously by Sedai

Learn about cost optimization
Reduce Cloud Cost

Key Capabilities

Get started in
3 easy steps


Connect Sedai

Sign up for Sedai and connect your cloud and monitoring accounts in under 15 minutes


Sedai discovers and learns

Sedai analyzes your performance and traffic  and within hours starts to build its view of where improvements can be made. Sedai continues to learns your daily and weekly traffic patterns over time


Sedai makes optimizations

Sedai updates your configurations and resourcing in order to optimize cost, performance and availability


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