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If you believe SREs and others deserve a good night’s sleep, time with friends and family, and good quality of life, then join us as we build the autonomous system to make life easier.  

Just like Jarvis is to Iron Man, Tesla is to cars — Sedai is to Site Reliability Engineers.

“Sedai has created the tool every SRE dreams of — autonomous cloud management to proactively and safely address issues in production.”

Matt Howard

GP, Norwest Venture Partners

Our Values


We believe in human potential and that anything is possible when we remove barriers.


We believe that happiness and well-being matter and improve performance.


We believe in inclusivity and belonging and creating a space where each employee can feel safe.


We will always strive to imagine and build the best experience for our customers.


We will always strive to do the right thing no matter how hard it is.


We will always act with intention. Anything we do will be safe, completely transparent, and fully explainable.

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