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Sedai 2022 Year in Review

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August 2, 2023

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Sedai 2022 Year in Review

It's been a fantastic year for Sedai, and we're proud to share our year-end accomplishments with you in the following five areas:

1. Creating a Powerful Autonomous Platform for Modern Apps

In March, we launched the Sedai Autonomous Cloud Platform at SREcon, which was a major milestone for our team.  The major capabilities of the platform we launched were Autonomous Optimization (to cut cloud cost and tune performance), Autonomous Remediation (to improve availability and minimize Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs), Release Intelligence (showing how new releases perform in production) and Smart SLOs (to set and optimize performance).

Throughout the year, with a goal of providing autonomous capabilities for modern apps (containers and serverless) we also rolled out features specific to individual compute platforms. For Serverless on top of our memory setting optimization, timeout and restart management, in August we previewed Autonomous Concurrency, a solution to the #1 problem in Lambda, cold starts.  For Kubernetes we developed Workload Optimization which provides horizontal & vertical scaling (essentially a smart controller for HPA and VPA) to meet performance and cost goals at container & pod level, as well as Instance Optimization and Purchasing Recommendations.  For ECS, we developed Service Optimization which configures horizontal & vertical scaling for the best cost & performance and Container Instance Optimization, which selects instance types on an application-aware basis.

2. Bringing the Autonomous Story to Market

We worked on multiple fronts during the year to bring the message about the benefits of autonomous to SREs, DevOps and Platform teams.

PayPal SVP & CTO Sri Shivananda discusses how SREs roles are enhanced with autonomous with Sedai CEO Suresh Mathew

We also participated in a range of industry events after SREcon.  In September we sponsored and presented three sessions at AWS Community Day in the Bay Area, and also sponsored the Kochi Community Day event in October.  We also participated in several European events including the Berlin  Serverless Architecture Conference in October as well as Serverless Summit, the world's largest serverless conference in November.

Thank you to our 28 autocon/22 conference speakers

We also began to run our own events to reach modern app users.  In August, we held our first conference, autocon/22, a full day event covering autonomous cloud management with speakers from 18 organizations.  In October, we livestreamed our first podcast episode featuring Datadog's SVP of Product.  We also held a live workshop on reducing Kubernetes costs by 50% and were added to the CNCF Roadmap's Continuous Optimization category.  We held a joint workshop with AWS on solving serverless cold starts.

Ilan Rabinovitch, SVP Product at Datadog, answering audience questions in our first Beyond Automation livestream

We saw analyst coverage as an important channel in bringing autonomous management to the mainstream enterprise audience.  We were pleased to receive recognition from Gartner for the platform and to see the first coverage of autonomous optimization.  In May, Sedai was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2022 in the Observability & Monitoring category.  In December, we were mentioned in Gartner's 2023 Predictions Report series, which forecasts strong growth for our category (see key excerpts in our blog here).

We also worked with several members of the serverless community.  We kicked off the year with a fireside chat with Lee Gilmore on the difference between automation and autonomous. Another highlight was a video by “serverless obsessive” Sam Williams, who compared Sedai’s serverless memory optimization to the most common prior solution, Power Tuning, and noted Sedai would be a great solution for serverless users who have significant numbers of functions and/or run CI/CD pipelines.

3. Making Autonomous Customers Successful

We work behind the scenes every day to help Sedai users meet their goals for cost, performance and availability.  We shared some of their results.  In June, we shared a customer case study about how headless e-commerce company fabric reduced latency by 48% using the Sedai platform.  fabric’s EVP Platform also expanded on this starting point with a session at autocon/22 which also covered the step-by-step process of getting to 100% Autonomous. 

fabric SVP Platform Prakash Muppirala discussing the ramp to 100% autonomous at autocon/22

In December, we also shared customer performance gains achieved by Belcorp (77% latency reduction), Canopy (48%), and Campspot (34%) on our home page.  We also invested in simplifying our onboarding flow to make it easy for users to sign up directly from our website and get started.

4. Building Strong Partnerships

In order to get autonomous capabilities in the hands of SRE and platform teams as quickly as possible, we are committed to working with partners. We worked closely with AWS product and go to market teams during the year.  In September, AWS accepted Sedai into the ISV Accelerate program enabling AWS and Sedai GTM teams to work together.  In November, we were a launch partner for AWS's Lambda Telemetry API alongside New Relic, Dynatrace, and other AWS partners. We also held a joint workshop with AWS on solving serverless cold starts in December.  We also announced our Datadog partnership & integration in August at autocon/22 and went on to sponsor Datadog Dash in October (read our findings from our event survey here).

Sedai Team Members Meeting Attendees at Datadog Dash 2022

5. Building the Company

To provide the financial resources to take autonomous to the next stage, we announced $15M in Series A funding in March from Norwest, Sierra and Uncorrelated Ventures. In May, we also opened our India Engineering and R&D Center. We were also excited to see our first patent for Autonomous Application Management granted, helping begin development of our intellectual property portfolio.  We also built out the team during the year, reaching 50 employees, doubling in size year on year. We also added key hires in Engineering. Sales and Marketing. 

Members of our India Engineering and R&D Team Celebrating the Opening of the Center

Looking Forward

We're proud of all that we've accomplished in 2022, and we're looking forward to what the new year will bring!  Check out our autonomous predictions here to see what we’re thinking.

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