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[WEBINAR] Why Automated Solutions Aren’t Enough When it Comes to Managing Microservices


Suresh Mathew

Published on
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August 2, 2023

Max 3 min

Sedai sponsored the DevOps Institute’s 2022 SRE SKILUp Day. In this webinar, I chatted with Lee Gilmore, a Principal Software Engineer and AWS Serverless advocate about the difference between automated and autonomous systems.

While the shift from monolith to microservices changed the game regarding deployments and team velocity, it simultaneously introduced the monotony of daily repetitive work and manual tasks. SREs and DevOps now need to rethink how teams manage their applications on a day-to-day basis.

To streamline this work, teams typically look to automated systems and smart alerts to help them stay on top of critical activity in their cloud environments. While a highly automated approach can certainly help with application management, these systems are not independently intelligent.

“Automated” and “autonomous” sound interchangeable and it seems like only a few extra letters are the difference, but there’s one important differentiator that bridges the gap between them: intelligence. An automated system can eventually graduate into an autonomous system.

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