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Sedai Raises $15M Funding for Autonomous Cloud Management

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August 2, 2023

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Sedai Raises $15M Funding for Autonomous Cloud Management

Sedai, the first autonomous cloud management company, today announced that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Sierra Ventures and Uncorrelated Ventures. The round follows a seed led by Sierra Ventures and Uncorrelated Ventures and brings the total funding to $18.8 million. Sedai will use the funding for growth and today announced the opening of an Engineering Center in Kerala, India. The company is growing its development team to increase support for all cloud platforms and broaden its ecosystem. 

Enterprises are under immense pressure to push new features fast to remain competitive, which means companies need to scale quickly and release more often. With today's cloud infrastructures, it is no longer realistic for organizations and site reliability engineer (SRE) teams to innovate while keeping track of hundreds of microservices and multiple dependencies. 

“To effectively manage scale, companies are rethinking the “shift left” “shift right” operations and automation that are slowing them down,” said Suresh Mathew, Founder & CEO. “Sedai delivers SREs a platform that can act independently on their behalf, learn from them, and carefully measure the efficacy and continuously fix and improve right in production.”

“We built Sedai to let every SRE and developer experience the same benefits of an autonomous system that has previously only been accessible to the large enterprise technology companies,” said Benjamin Thomas, Co-Founder, Sedai. “With Sedai, companies no longer need to be burning out their SREs and can focus on innovating more with a lot less stress.”

The Shift from Automated to Autonomous

Sedai is the first company to deliver an autonomous cloud management system into the hands of every organization. SREs can connect Sedai to their cloud in minutes, and the platform automatically discovers resources and intelligently analyzes traffic and performance metrics. Sedai then continuously manages production environments with proactive actions—without manual thresholds or human intervention. 

Sedai’s machine learning model detects symptoms early and prevents issues ahead of time. Its intelligent, context-aware system means that it can safely run in production and proactively improve the overall experience. Because Sedai acts as an intelligent co-pilot to the SRE, continuously monitoring and managing microservices, SREs can now effortlessly achieve higher levels of availability and reduce cloud costs.

“Sedai has created the tool every SRE dreams of—autonomous cloud management to proactively and safely address issues in production. The improvements that companies are seeing in reliability, uptime, and efficiency show how beneficial this technology is,” said Matt Howard, general partner at Norwest Venture Partners. “Suresh and Benji proved this approach at scale while at PayPal, and we are excited to partner with them in bringing it to the market.”

“Global competitiveness by businesses of all sizes is being defined by the success of their digital strategies in this coming decade, which is driving strong growth in the $40B APM and Digital Transformation market,” said Tim Guleri, Managing Partner at Sierra Ventures. “Suresh and Benji are the dream team, coming from PayPal and building an autonomous application management company that has exploded out of the gate. With 60% of all large enterprises projected to adopt autonomous technologies by 2024, customers like Fabric have already gotten on board with Sedai to stay competitive and scale. We are excited to back this talented team and look forward to the growth ahead.”

Sedai Customers

Several businesses are already using the Sedai platform to manage their cloud environments and production applications ranging from serverless start-ups to larger enterprises going through a digital transformation and moving to modern cloud environments.

"Sedai watches over our Lambdas and proactively makes configuration adjustments depending on what we need to do—whether it’s to minimize the latency or minimize our cloud costs."
Kenneth Nguyen
Tasq, Co-Founder

"Sedai helped us scale from having only one SRE supporting 2-3 customers on our commerce platform to now we can support 20 customers."
Prakash Muppirala
Fabric, Executive Vice President

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