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Kubernetes Master Class: Solving Cost and Scalability Challenges Autonomously with AI

In this live workshop, we cover strategies and step-by-step guidance on how to optimize Kubernetes costs and scalability.

  • How AI and Autonomous are coming to Kubernetes to support operations
  • Introduction to K8s cost, scalability and resource management challenges
  • Why use AI to optimize Kubernetes instead of traditional approaches?
  • How does the AI approach work? - 5 steps for K8s cost & resource optimization  
  • Live demo and real-world use cases of autonomous Kubernetes optimization
  • Open Q&A & Feedback Survey

Lastly, we provide a deep dive into Sedai’s autonomous cloud management platform powered by AI/ML to see how you can optimize Kubernetes for cost, performance while reducing effort by moving away from manual effort and legacy automation to modern AI-augmented autonomous operations.