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Discover how you can use Sedai’s autonomous cloud platform to continuously reduce your Kubernetes costs without manual effort.

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Why go autonomous with Sedai

Maximize savings & performance

Sedai delivers up to 35% cost reduction and 75% increase in performance with autonomous optimization at three levels: application, cluster and purchase. 

Achieve continuous optimization

Being agentless, Sedai does what no AiOps platform can do —autonomously and proactively act. Sedai uses reinforcement learning to continuously tune parameters for optimal results.

Eliminate day-to-day operational toil

Reduce up to 60% of the work in managing cloud cost, performance and availability to help your team scale safer and faster. Sedai eliminates human toil to unlock release agility and faster innovation cycles.


Autonomous concurrency for Serverless

With Sedai's autonomous concurrency, everything is done autonomously and behind the scene. Sedai adjusts your concurrency values for traffic and seasonality, observing the actual live invocation of your serverless function while optimizing the number of runtimes and frequency of warmups for increased performance.

Unlike automation solutions, Sedai optimizes availability and eliminates cold starts at minimum cost without any need for code and configuration changes, and without risk of cost overruns. Sedai takes only 10 minutes to setup.


      Autonomous scaling for Kubernetes and Containers

      With Sedai, you can scale your Kubernetes and AWS ECS for performance, reliability, availability and scalability while maximizing cost savings easily. Sedai's autonomous scaling is reliable, dynamic and predictive unlike the traditional autoscaling solutions that are static and requires a lot of configuration.

      Using AI/ML algorithms, Sedai learns your applications and containers for predictive autonomous scaling that delivers on the promise of autoscalers without all the headache and challenges – no manual configurations, no errors, no toil required.

        Simplify your cloud chaos. Go autonomous.


        Optimize for performance and availability

        As well as powerful cost optimization, Sedai also enables you to hit performance and availability goals, and make tradeoffs with cost when needed:

        • Select cost-only, performance-max, or balanced mode to optimize your Kubernetes app
        • Purchase optimization to find the lowest cost compute

        Optimize every release for cost

        Sedai automatically analyzes captures cost savings by optimizing your Kubernetes application at three levels:

        • Application optimization which optimizes pod utilization
        • Cluster optimization to optimize Work in a technical or finance function and be involved with managing Kubernetes costs at your company
        • Purchase optimization to find the lowest cost compute