Watch the best sessions from autocon/22, the autonomous cloud conference 🚀

Watch the best sessions from autocon/22, the autonomous cloud conference 🚀

Goodbye, toil.
Hello, Autonomous.

Welcome to Sedai, an autonomous cloud platform that improves performance, cost and availability for serverless and Kubernetes applications. Sedai acts independently on an SRE’s behalf, learns from experience, and continuously finds and executes improvements — right in production.

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Join the Ranks of Autonomous Cloud Teams

Scale your team’s ability to  innovate.


Cloud cost reduction

Meet SLOs at the minimum cost

Up to 75%

Reduction in latency

Improve performance by up to 75% through optimization.



Prevent issues before they occur

Gartner Recognizes Sedai as a Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability


How Sedai is Helping Customers

Managing production environments just got a whole lot easier

Leave the mundane tasks to Sedai, your autonomous SRE autopilot. Sedai seamlessly connects to your cloud and monitoring data, automatically discovers your resources, and intelligently learns and analyzes performance metrics. Sedai continuously learns from managing your production environments through proactive actions and insights — all without human intervention. 


Detects & prioritizes data

Sedai deciphers the complex nature of your entire cloud infrastructure, seamlessly connects with your accounts, and uses an agentless approach to intelligently identify and prioritize your data.


Understands context

With advanced machine learning and predictive analytics, Sedai evaluates performance in real-time to find opportunities to optimize your resources for availability, performance, and cost.


Proactively identifies opportunities

Sedai is the only intelligent autopilot that can be trusted to manage your production environments. It safely acts on your behalf to prevent issues and improve efficiency, and provides deep insights to enhance your cloud operations.


Continuously evolves

Sedai continuously evaluates and learns from all activity in your production environments to improve its intelligence models and adapt to your cloud’s ever-changing landscape.

Enhance how you run your cloud

Effortlessly optimize your serverless functions and cloud applications.

Dynamically manage your Lambdas

Intelligent, traffic-based configurations for your AWS Lambdas so they continuously run efficiently.

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Simplify how you run on Kubernetes

Make the most of your Kubernetes infrastructure and proactively scale application and cluster limits based on seasonality.

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“Sedai helped us scale from having only one SRE supporting 2 to 3 customers on our commerce platform to now supporting 20 customers.”

Prakash Muppirala

Fabric, Executive Vice President

Quickstart Guide to Sedai

How the Pandemic Has Accelerated Digital Transformation

Magic in action.

See how Sedai autonomously prevents an availability issue — in production.

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2023 Autonomous Cloud Management Predictions

Sedai CEO Suresh Mathew shares eight predictions for 2023 and explains what they could mean for the adoption of autonomous cloud management.
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Autonomous Cloud Management with Datadog and Sedai

Sedai enables Datadog customers to have an autonomous cloud engine to improve cost, performance and availability in as little as 10 minutes. Together with Sedai, cloud teams can maximizE cost savings and optimize application performance autonomously. Sedai streamlines cloud operations and increases efficiency by eliminating day-to-day toil while achieving guaranteed optimal results. Datadog provides performance metrics and deep insights of applications into Sedai through the integration with Datadog’s APM engine. In turn, Sedai uses its AI/ML algorithms to intelligently learn the seasonality of applications to uncover improvement opportunities and autonomously execute optimizations and remediate issues. Autonomous actions taken by Sedai are visible right inside the Datadog dashboard, enabling teams to continue using Datadog as the primary monitoring tool.
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The Answer Isn’t Shift Left or Shift Right — It’s Shift Up

Microservices architectures are rapidly becoming the new norm architects rely on when it comes to cloud computing. There has been a lot of debate whether it's best to shift left, or shift right. With Microservices, organizations must shift up, and manage their systems autonomously.
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Simplify your cloud chaos. Go autonomous.