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Sedai Autonomous Champions: Forging the Path

Sedai Champions engage, support connect and recognize members of the Sedai community who make outstanding contributions to Sedai and our community around the world

The Sedai Certified program was created to help develop the Autonomous Cloud ecosystem.  As one of the most promising solution to address the massive complexity of running cloud native applications in production, autonomous systems are one of the fastest growing segments in technology.  Sedai is committed to growing the community of Operators and Developers of Autonomous Cloud systems, to allow continued growth across the broad set of companies and organizations that will adopt Autonomous Cloud.

Certification is a key step in that process, allowing certified autonomous cloud operators and developers to immediately establish their unique value in the job market, and allow companies to confidently and  quickly hire high quality individuals teams to support their growth.

Fundamentals of Autonomous System Operations - Accreditation

Start building your career in autonomous cloud with this Accreditation, your first step toward an Autonomous Cloud Certification.  This Sedai Accredited exam is designed specifically for operators, architects an developers looking to gain validation for their understanding of the fundamental concepts of Autonomous Cloud. This exam, once passed, provides a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn.  Digital Badges are sent to successful candidates within 72 hours of passing the accreditation.

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Sedai Certified Autonomous Systems Operator (Coming Soon)

SC-ASO is targeted to site reliability engineers and application operations teams. It covers the Sedai Autonomous Cloud with a particular focus on knowledge of the platform needed in order to support cloud native applications at scale.


Sedai Certified Autonomous Systems Developer (Coming Soon)

SC-ASD is targeted to developers and solutions architects. It covers e Sedai Autonomous Cloud with a particular focus on knowledge of the platform needed in order to develop applications that are optimized for autonomous operations.