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AI-powered cost & performance optimization for AWS

Sedai is changing the game in AWS cost and performance management. Our AI-powered solution finds hidden savings and performance enhancement opportunities within your AWS infrastructure and applications, and autonomously executes them for maximum efficiency.

Scale up savings and performance with AI

  • Autonomous Optimization

    Optimize cost and/or performance based on machine learning to meet your cost and performance goals

  • Autonomous Concurrency

    Virtually eliminate cold starts with ML-based selection of the volume and mix of provisioned concurrency and warmups informed by traffic seasonality, without cost increases.

  • Autonomous Remediation

    Detect and remediate performance issues including timeouts, memory settings and restarts leveraging AWS Telemetry API to make decisions at the edge

  • Release Intelligence

    Get production performance analysis of every release with scorecards and insights on latency, cost, and errors

  • Smart SLOs

    Define SLO goals to have Sedai autonomously optimize resources to meet them. Sedai can also recommend SLOs and error budgets based on past performance.

Benefits of going
autonomous with Sedai

Cut AWS Costs by 40%

Sedai continuously optimizes your infrastructure and application resources based on application behavior and traffic patterns in real-time.

Improve AWS Application
Performance by 75%

Sedai's ML algorithm uncover opportunities to enhance performance for latency-sensitive applications with precise configurations and resource levels.

Reduce Failed
Customer Interactions by 70%

Sedai proactively finds and prevents potential availability issues with reinforcement learning on application configuration changes and restarts

Improve DevOps and SRE Productivity by 6X

DevOps and SRE teams can focus on high value engineering projects while delegating lower level work to be executed autonomously by Sedai

Innovate faster with Sedai


Integrate autonomous systems into your architecture to accelerate innovation, streamline costs and achieve superior performance and availability.

Engineering Leader

Increase operational efficiency and productivity for your engineering team while maximizing cloud savings and performance for your application.


Achieve reliability goals while cutting toil by delegating low-value optimization tasks to Sedai to free up time and focus back on high-value initiatives.


Cut manual test time and accelerate release velocity by automatically updating configurations in production based on what works best for your app.

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