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Alex Sweetser

Alex is the Director of Customer Success at Sedai. He was previously a manager in the customer success team at Datadog.

Autonomous Cloud Management with Datadog and Sedai

Sedai enables Datadog customers to have an autonomous cloud engine to improve cost, performance and availability in as little as 10 minutes. Together with Sedai, cloud teams can maximizE cost savings and optimize application performance autonomously. Sedai streamlines cloud operations and increases efficiency by eliminating day-to-day toil while achieving guaranteed optimal results. Datadog provides performance metrics and deep insights of applications into Sedai through the integration with Datadog’s APM engine. In turn, Sedai uses its AI/ML algorithms to intelligently learn the seasonality of applications to uncover improvement opportunities and autonomously execute optimizations and remediate issues. Autonomous actions taken by Sedai are visible right inside the Datadog dashboard, enabling teams to continue using Datadog as the primary monitoring tool.
Published on
September 21, 2022

The End of Cold Starts: Autonomous Concurrency

Cold starts are the #1 performance problem for Lambda users. Autonomous concurrency provides a solution with fewer cold starts than warmup strategies, and lower cost than provisioned concurrency. Sedai VP of ML, Nikhil Gopinath explains the underlying challenge of cold starts and presents the autonomous concurrency solution and compares it to traditional solutions.
Published on
May 26, 2024