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Autonomous Cloud Management Platform

Sedai intelligently discovers resources, analyzes traffic patterns and learns metric performance to continuously manage your production environments — without manual thresholds or human intervention.




Continuous Discovery

With an agentless approach, Sedai’s Discovery engine automatically identifies everything in your production environments and intelligently prioritizes your monitoring data.

Unified visibility

All of your cloud accounts, in one platform. Understand and manage performance for all of your resources in one comprehensive view.


Simply connect your APM tools. Sedai finds and selects your most important metrics. Using machine learning, it intelligently sets thresholds for you.

Dynamically updated

Your environment is always changing, and Sedai sees it all. View updates and changes, and control how the platform manages your resources.

Intelligent Analysis

Sedai’s Decision engine uses ML to expertly see, analyze, and understand data at scale to simplify the chaos. Your cloud is increasingly complex, and managing it effectively and safely requires deep contextual understanding.

Smart management

Overlays analysis of traffic patterns, resource dependencies, and metric performance to independently determine if, when, and how to intervene. 

Driven by opportunity

With early detection at the onset of symptoms, proactively optimizes your resources for availability, performance, and cost.

Enhanced data

Leverages trend analysis to automatically define SLOs for you and proactively manages resources to avoid breaches.

Proactive Actions

Manage your cloud with intelligence you can trust, not static thresholds. Sedai safely acts in production on your behalf to ensure your resources avoid availability issues and run optimally at all times.

Effortless efficiency

Assesses deployments and intelligently updates your resources to improve performance and cloud costs.

Easy uptime

Dynamic environments call for adaptive solutions. Prevents issues before they impact your customers with early detection at the onset of symptoms.

Full control

Independently manages your resources on autopilot, or can be switched to manual mode to review recommended actions.

Deep Insights

Insights empower teams to see beyond the release and adapt Sedai’s recommendations to improve how they code

Release scorecards

Detects, analyzes, and grades performance for at-a-glance understanding of code deployments so you can release confidently.

Trend analysis

Compares releases’ saturation, duration, and error metrics for an overview of how code has evolved between releases.

Optimized configuration

Evaluates how code changes between releases and recommends configuration changes to optimize performance.

“Sedai watches over our Lambdas and proactively makes configuration adjustments depending on what we need to do — whether it’s to minimize the latency or minimize our cloud costs.”

Kenneth Nguyen

Tasq, Co-Founder

Life’s easier when you can see everything in one place.

Sedai connects with today’s top platforms and tools — and we’re always adding more connections to give you more control.

  • splunk
  • dynatrace
  • prometheus
  • Kubernetes
  • datadog
  • new relic
  • signal fx
  • AWS
  • cloudwatch
  • appdynamics
  • pagerduty
  • signalfx
  • servicenow
  • slack

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