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Moving to AWS Lambda for Development and Operational Efficiency

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
Developer Productivity
Developer Productivity
Ops Productivity
Ops Productivity
  • Tech Focus :
    AWS Lambda
  • Location :
  • August 3, 2023
  • Published on:
    August 3, 2023
  • 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Sandeep Kumar

Principal Solutions Architect


Nikhil Gopinath

VP of Engineering, ML Platforms


Jose FisherFounder,

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Robert Mustaine CEO,

Jose FisherFounder,

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About this event

Gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies for successful serverless adoption.

Join us for our webinar, "Moving to AWS Lambda for Development and Operational Efficiency," where we'll explore the advantages of serverless architecture and provide practical guidance on adopting AWS Lambda within your organization. This webinar is your essential guide for companies looking to understand, adopt, and thrive in a serverless (AWS Lambda) computing environment.


  • Introduction
  • How to identify workloads suitable for serverless
  • Benefits and considerations of moving to AWS Lambda
  • Mapping out migration steps to AWS Lambda
  • Best practices for successful serverless adoption and operations
  • AI-powered autonomous serverless optimization and management


In this dynamic digital landscape, serverless computing has emerged as a game-changer, promising scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. However, transitioning to a serverless architecture presents its own set of challenges and considerations.

We begin our webinar by laying out the compelling business case for serverless adoption. From reduced operational costs to enhanced scalability, we'll delve into why serverless computing has become a favored choice among modern businesses.

Next, we'll walk you through the various benefits and considerations of moving to serverless. We'll explore how serverless can refine your processes, and discuss the prerequisites and considerations you should bear in mind to ensure a smooth transition.

One of the key components of our session is mapping out your serverless migration steps. A well-planned migration strategy is vital to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions. We'll provide you with a comprehensive roadmap to effectively migrate to a serverless architecture.

We'll also share some best practices for successful serverless adoption, from selecting the right services to setting up efficient CI/CD pipelines. These practices will guide you in overcoming common challenges and maximizing the benefits of your serverless architecture.

Finally, we'll delve into the realm of autonomous management. As your serverless architecture grows, management can become complex. We'll introduce you to methods and tools for autonomous management, ensuring that you can efficiently monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot your serverless applications.

Register now to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies for successful serverless adoption. Get a deeper understanding of how to effectively utilize AWS Lambda and its supporting ecosystem to optimize your organization's development and operational processes.


Whether you're a business leader, a cloud architect, or a developer, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge you need to confidently navigate your serverless journey. Learn how to make informed decisions about serverless adoption, and discover strategies for a smooth transition to a serverless environment. Register today to secure your spot.