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AWS Lambda Master Class: Strategies to Overcome Cold Starts, Reduce Cost and Scale Operations with AI

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
Cold starts
Cold starts
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization
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  • August 17, 2023
  • Published on:
    August 17, 2023
  • 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

Hari Chandrasekhar

VP of Engineering


John Jamie

VP, Marketing


Jose FisherFounder,

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Robert Mustaine CEO,

Jose FisherFounder,


Dive into this AWS Lambda master class to conquer cold starts, master cost management, and automate remediation.

In this master class, we'll delve into solving the top common challenges in an AWS Lambda environment, specifically cold starts and cost management.


  • Introduction to serverless AWS Lambda challenges
  • Dive into cold starts: what are cold starts, how they occur, and traditional mitigation strategies
  • Understanding AWS Lambda cost management
  • Introduction to AI-powered autonomous cloud capabilities with Sedai
  • Eliminating AWS Lambda cold starts with Sedai
  • Autonomous cost optimization for AWS Lambda with Sedai
  • Autonomous remediation for AWS Lambda with Sedai
  • Q&A session: Opportunity for attendees to ask questions

Cold starts are notorious latency issues that occur when your Lambda function is invoked after being idle. These can affect the performance of your serverless applications, and we will discuss their root causes and traditional mitigation methods.

We'll then navigate the complex landscape of AWS Lambda's granular billing, which can sometimes lead to unpredictable costs. We'll explore best practices for effective cost management and strategies for optimizing your serverless architecture.

After setting the stage with these common challenges, you’ll get introduced to Sedai, an AI-powered autonomous cloud cost and performance optimization solution. With Sedai's autonomous capabilities, you can say goodbye to manually monitoring and managing these Lambda concerns.

Get a firsthand look at how Sedai effectively eliminates cold starts, ensuring your applications always deliver optimal performance. Plus, learn how Sedai autonomously optimizes costs by reducing unnecessary spend while optimizing function memory and execution time.

Moreover, we'll highlight how Sedai's autonomous remediation capabilities swiftly address issues when they arise. With automatic remediation and smart alerts, Sedai ensures the smooth operation of your serverless applications.

Real-world use cases and live demonstrations will give you practical insights into how Sedai can revolutionize your AWS Lambda experience and autonomously manage your serverless applications.

Who this event is for

Whether you're a beginner looking to simplify your journey with AWS Lambda or a seasoned user wanting to optimize your serverless applications, this webinar is for you. Register today to discover how you can enhance your AWS Lambda performance, reduce costs, and manage your serverless applications seamlessly with Sedai.